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Primary Pain vs Secondary Pain

By Christian Staal

Psychologists distinguish between two types of pain:

  • Primary pain relates to a specific event (e.g. worrying about a job interview)
  • Secondary pain is emotional gasoline thrown into the fire (e.g. being sad/angry/worried about being worried)

Secondary pain accounts for more misery than primary pain. You can reduce secondary pain by accepting – rather than fighting – primary pain (one way to train this is meditation).

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The Upside of Your Dark Side (book) by Robert Biswas-Diener and Todd Kashdan

“Crap, I’m thinking”

By Christian Staal

When you’re meditating, and realise that you’re lost in thought, it’s easy to get irritated. But this is not a moment of defeat: Becoming aware of your thoughts is the very goal of meditation.


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