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Are you bad at something? Good for you!

By Christian Staal

Discovering that you have a weakness can be frustrating. However, we all have weaknesses, and it’s much better to be aware of them than to think that you’re perfect. Next time you discover that you’re bad at something, resist the temptation to feel sorry for yourself. Your weakness was there all along, and your new-found self-awareness has made you wiser and better equipped for reaching your goals. Awesome! 🥳⭐️💪


Principles (book) by Ray Dalio

The New Puzzle.blog

By Christian Staal

Thanks to those of you who responded to my latest post. Puzzle.blog will continue, but at a slower pace. Instead a new post every week, there will be new posts once in a while.

Would You Miss This Blog?

By Christian Staal

Here’s the thing: I’m doing too many projects at the same time. I’m thinking about stopping puzzle.blog. If you’re loving this blog, and would be sad if it was gone, please let me know.

How to get attention

By Christian Staal

If you want people’s attention, there are two methods you can use:

  • The Megaphone Method: Be loud and force them to listen. (Examples: spam mails and paid advertising.)
  • The Gift Method: Offer something of value, that people would miss if it disappeared (Examples: TED Talks, free podcasts and many blogs.)

Which method are you using?


Noticed vs. missed (article) by Seth Godin




By Christian Staal

When conducting a post-mortem, you look at what went wrong (why did the patient die? Why did the project fail?). In a pre-mortem you imagine that your project has failed, and then ask yourself:

  • Why did it fail?
  • How can you prevent it from actually happening?



Performing a Project Premortem (Article, Harvard Business Review) by Gary Klein

Tony Robbins’s Secret Weapon: RPM

By Christian Staal

Tony Robbins’s RPM-model helps you stay proactive in tough situations:

R – Results. (What do you want out of this situation?)
P – Purpose. (Why is this important to you?)
M – Map. (Write down everything you can do to achieve your desired results. Then identify the 20% that will produce 80% of the results.)

The trick is to start with why, and follow through with massive action.

The James Altucher Show: 217 –  (Tony explains it right here)

Decision-Making Hack: Which problem do you want?

By Christian Staal

Problem: You have a decision to make, but can’t make up your mind, because you don’t know what you really want.

Solution: Turn the decision on it’s head. Ask yourself which problem you prefer to live with (which negative consequences are you best equipped to handle?). In some cases, this exercise gives you a new perspective.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck (book) by Mark Manson

PERMA: A theory of well-being

By Christian Staal

Everybody wants to be happy, but what is happiness? One of the most widely recognised theories of happiness, is Martin Seligman’s PERMA-model, which posits five elements of psychological well-being:

  • Positive emotions (feeling good)
  • Engagement (experiencing flow, using your strengths)
  • Relationships (connecting with other people)
  • Meaning (making a difference)
  • Achievement (accomplishing something worthwhile)

Flourish (book) by Martin Seligman
The New Era of Positive Psychology (TED Talk) by Martin Seligman
Grit (TED Talk) by Angela Duckworth
Flow (TED Talk) by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Small pieces, big ideas

By Christian Staal

Puzzle.blog brings you big ideas, presented as small pieces. Each piece consists of maximum five sentences and a simple drawing. The blog examines a variety of topics such as Psychology, Science and Creativity. Every week you’ll find a new piece on this site or in your inbox.

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